How do we turn this organization around?

We are certain you will agree that at best, today’s business environment can seem somewhat volatile. Many pressures have been added to senior leadership teams within organizations. In addition to focusing on the bottom-line results, they may now be faced with how to keep their organization whole if they are not reaching those goals. Organizations are also now forced to consider at external circumstances. How do you, on a daily basis, manage the many changes and challenges occurring in your industry and turn your organization around?

In order to turn your organization around, you will need to determine what your organization’s new normal will be. Your new normal will probably include creating a culture in your organization where you are exceeding your customer’s expectations while paying attention to your customers social, economic, and environmental demands. Your new normal may also include new services or products offering and pricing strategies. Your new normal will have to pay more close attention to emerging technology and global economic considerations. Therefore, you will probably find that you need to do things differently.

Creating your new normal is continually reinventing your organization based upon current and future situations, which can turn your organization around. We refer to it as business sustainability. Business sustainability is being able to survive in any economic time, societal demands, environmental and political issues/regulations, as well as being able to look toward the future. To accomplish this alignment is key to your competitive advantage. Here is a simple model and explanation to demonstrate how alignment works and some possible symptoms you may witness if your organization is misaligned.

When the critical components of an organization are not aligned and the people area stands alone, organizations have a tendency to focus on solving problems, putting out fires and reacting to challenges as they present themselves. Are you busy putting out fires?

When processes are not aligned and there is no strategic focus, a departmental mentality starts to bubble to the surface. Variation starts to creep in and each department tends to focus on its own.

If these are the questions being asked by you or your company, we have the answers.


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